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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting Again

I remembered everything, everything I loved. I gave it away. It was my mistake and it is hurting me. I known where we have been.

All the things I did and all that you forgave.

How did we get so far?

Can I let you in again? Can I make it right it this time? Can you take another chance? Can I learn to love again?

All this time I can make it right. With one more try, how could I hurt you again?

Can we start again?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Greater responsibility

Responsibility does not come natural to most of us. We are not born with this trait. It is something we learn from a very young age. Unfortunately, as we grow older the word responsibility brings fear to us all. It is looked upon as one of the most frightening coming of age experiences we face.

Somewhere during this growing up we are doing, we get lost and the word responsible has gotten pushed to, 'that dreadful, not want to tackle list." Forgetting when we lived life when being responsible was not something that was thought about, it was just done, it was all we knew how to do, it came naturally.

Learning to be responsible and accepting responsibility are important lessons in this life. In our personal and our professional lives, it is wonderful for others to be able to depend and rely on us. Learning responsibility should not be a frightening experience. It should come as natural as love. As we teach our children to love themselves, we teach them responsibility. As we teach our children the importance of always doing their best, at all cost, and to love life in all forms, ourselves, and our surroundings, we teach responsibility.

Life is heavy for us, because we create its gravity. Burdens are always more about our own attitude about them, rather than the actual weight of the load. Everyone can only feel his or her own burdens, and nearly everyone thinks that their own burdens are heavy to have to carry. Our burdens are relative to the amount of energy that we can muster to cope with them.

When you are negative, your burdens seem to multiply, and increase in their weight. Positive people carry their burden with a certain lightness of knowing that it is sustenance on their trip. It is like carrying water and food for the journey of life, and so we learn the most, from our heaviest burdens.

The heavier the burden, the more love that we must give out to carry it with. The only energy is love, and when we love fully, we never feel the weight of any loads or burdens, as all is then being carried not for us, but for God in serving the greater good of his perfect oneness manifesting itself in us, as us.

The truth is I have made many mistakes in my life. None that changed the path I have taken, but from each mistake, I have learned a lesson. Learning and accepting responsibility is ongoing. I appreciate learning the importance of responsibility as a child and hope to pass this on to my children so they will grow into productive and responsible adults.

Though life is such a beautiful commodity, with great life comes a much greater responsibility.

p/s: meet Aki, the newest member to the family.