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Monday, September 20, 2010

A friend named Sugar

Ain't she sweet..


Friday, September 17, 2010

Living in Denial

Denial to a certain degree exists in our daily lives. We not only use it to get us over the rough spots in life but we use it to smooth the edges a little just to make life a little easier. Who hasn't failed in a relationship and looked in the mirror and said "There is more time to try" when in the back of your mind you know you have to move on. These are the little white lies that get us through everyday life.

But what about major denial, denial that rocks you to the central core of your existence, denial that takes away your self esteem, denial so strong you let it rot your brain away rather than deal with it. This highly toxic form of denial eats away at us when we believe there is no way to escape. Believing that we may have to live the rest of our lives in denial of something can poison our soul and remove the will to live.

The world tells you that you are done, your body reinforces the fact but your mind doesn't agree, but it has to be, it is the only logical solution, but still your mind has trouble accepting it, but it has to be so. What is left? Denial. Only denial can dismiss this issue and send you off on a quest to prove you are who they say you have to be instead of who you want to be. Days turn to weeks, weeks to years but all the while the denial is consuming you from the inside out, poisoning your whole existence. Do you deal with the denial and save yourself knowing it will come at the expense of all around you or do you continue to live in denial and kill yourself a little at a time?

Then one day you face the denial, you accept that part of you that you buried and hoped you would never have to deal with, you love yourself now but the world says you are wrong. But for once in your life you are happy with who you are, you are safe from yourself for the first time in your life, so where is the denial now? Now it is the world, which is in phobic denial, a denial that hurts people everyday.

Yes, I am living in denial.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life on 2 wheels

Driving a motorcycle is the fastest way to get through traffic and has the highest risk of an accident because of the narrow shape of the bike, stability and speed, these make reaction times even lower in the event of an accident. Spotting a motorcycle through a high stream of traffic can be difficult.

Motorcyclists are outnumbered 10 to 1 on the road and more vulnerable to an accident. If you are in an accident in a car or truck, the vehicle takes the majority of the damage where a motorcycle doesn't have anything to protect you and leaves the rider with the huge risk of serious damage or the possible fatality. The majority of road accidents are from impatience, road rage or arrogance, avoiding these will stop you being the person that causes stupid accidents.

So next time if one of you decides to buy a motorcycle, please consider if you want to be the one that kills or be killed.


Malaysia Day

Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia.

Beginning year 2010, September 16 is a federal public holiday.

So, what is Malaysia Day to you?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Days of Darkness

The roads spread out before them,
Some ending shortly,
Others going too far to tell,
They travel these roads alone,
Never knowing the love or friendship of a companion,
Their roads have mainly been dead-ends.
Some being short, allowing them to go back quickly.
Others they have walked for years,
finally finding there is nothing,
but darkness and pain at the ends.

Years later they finally emerge from the darkness,
heading back toward the main road,
less a part of themselves,
having lost it in the darkness.
The roads of life have many twists and turns,
just be careful to choose wisely, or eventually,
The darkness will swallow you entirely.

Day by day light lives,
Night by night darkness settles,
Year by year life goes on,
Life by life these people are forgotten.


Is it Enough?

What is "enough?" The word can be defined as having a sufficient or adequate amount of something which is necessary. Although this is an extremely vague definition, the imprecision is due to the wide range of personal definitions of what is necessary in life, and what is a sufficient amount of whatever that unknown thing may be.

For me, enough is having faith in myself. I am my own best friend. When other people let me down, as people often do, I fall back on the person who knows me best for comfort, advice, and support: me.

The satisfaction of having enough comes from not focusing on the definition of the word, not wondering what I could have more of, or less of, but being content with how much I do have, even within myself, and recognizing that the strength I have to persevere.

If I have enough to go on, I have more than enough.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Foot/Feet Composition

Here, I present to you with photos of foot/feet compositions !

Feet not if focus because it was not compose for it but there's still feet in the photo.

Same as the above. Feet feet..

Okay, I swear beyond my viewfinder that I do not have foot fetish! I am just trying some new compositions.


Holding On

Finding your one true love is something to cherish so hold on tight.

Because once someone pulls the brakes, there is no turning back.

So if you've found love, you hold on and you hold on tight.



Satisfaction comes from appreciating the simple things in life and from our learning experiences. These experiences are the sum of who we are. Our values come from the things life has taught us. If we are not in awe of the world we live in, if the seasons do not impress us, if we fail to appreciate the beauty of the sights and sounds around us, then we have learned nothing.

Satisfaction is in keeping things simple in order to enjoy life as it is. It is about embracing family and friendships. It is not about designer clothes, overpriced and oversized homes, and automobiles that cost a fortune. Unlike family and friends who are always there for you, clothes go out of style, homes become too costly to maintain, and cars break down.

Being satisfied doesn't mean depriving ourselves of all luxuries. It means knowing where to draw the line between "I need" and "I want". We can't always get what we want. That is a good thing! When we don't keep things simple, we end up spending too much time, too much energy and too much money on things that do not bring satisfaction, serenity and happiness into our lives.

It is important to recognize our individual capabilities and acknowledge our limitations as they pertain to success and failure. There may be satisfaction in having a master's degree in some field of expertise. But, not having a master's degree does not make one a failure. Having expertise in some area will definitely bring success and a great deal of satisfaction with or without the degree. Thus, the satisfaction of being a success is relevant to having enough. The degree is just frosting.

If we are healthy, that in itself should bring satisfaction. If we have overcome a life threatening illness, that is more than enough to bring us satisfaction. Having enough of anything depends on one's point of view. However, the expression "quality not quantity" is truly what determines satisfaction for each individual.

The satisfaction of having enough is determined by whether or not material things are taking up all our time simply to maintain them. If so, we have too much. Too much of anything is never satisfying. Satisfaction of having enough is being able to simplifying everything in our life, because having "time" is what gives us the most satisfaction.


Life's Ups & Downs

I have to say that the ups & downs of life are with us always. And yes we do have to learn to deal with the ups and downs. "We always have to get up" one more time than we fall.
For some people life seems to go smother. Or maybe I should say that the people seem to sail right through life. I guess these people must have gone through the same kind of problems that the people who have walked through a land full of mines everyday.

Life's ups and downs are part of the process I like to call resonance. For many of us the aim is to always be up and to try and avoid the down. But we live in a dualistic reality so we will always have to be content with the downs because without them we would not be able to identify the ups.

It is often said that the measure of your joy can be determined by the measure of pain you had. The two are inseparable. You cannot want only the one and negate the other. We are trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. It would be better for us to realize that the downs are going to happen and then to be psychologically prepared to deal with it when it does. Now how is the best way to deal with it?

Embrace reality and all that is. Appreciate the darkness for its ability to make the light stand out. Appreciate the sinners for without them the saints become obsolete. You can compare it to the goodness in the wheat of whole-wheat bread. Appreciate the crunchy parts because they make you stronger and they also make the soft parts so much more enjoyable.

Open yourself to life and you will find it an adventure to be enjoyed with many wonderful surprises along the way. When you stumble and fall? Well just remember, "This too shall pass." and once the dust clears get your chin up and put the smile back on because in the end we are going to have wonderful stories to tell.


Living in the now

Living in the now is being happy and satisfied with your life. Of course we have days of ups and downs, sorrow and joy, being dissatisfied with ourselves and being quite pleased with ourselves. We can have days filled with anger and confusion, passion and lust. We can have many, many different kinds of days.

Being satisfied with your life doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. It simply means you are comfortable with where you're headed and the means in which you are navigating your life.

When we're satisfied with ourselves we are naturally happy. We are able to take the good with the bad. We're able to cope with life's struggles.

You're probably wondering how the heck can I be so sure. What about those of us who suffer from depression, disabilities, catastrophes? We're living in the now.

I beg to differ. You're not "living" if you're not coping with your "struggles". You're being side tracked from what living your life is all about. When you can overcome your downfalls and pick up where you've left off, you're in the now.

You're in the now when you're living with what's around you and accepting the changes life brings.

When you can relate to the young and the old, the odd and the not so odd, the ugly and the beautiful, the loud and the soft. When you can function in the middle of it all, you know that you are living in the now.


Contemplating the purpose of life.

Many people do not spend every day contemplating their life. They just go through their entire life without giving it much thought. So, why do some people spend more time thinking about the meaning of their life, while others are satisfied with just living as things are?

If we look at the question closely, we could determine that the more someone contemplates his or her life, the more they are seeking to get out of it, or seeking to change it. If we are engaging with our life, then there is little need to contemplate it. However, when we do, we're asking ourselves the question "is this the best I can be?"

Certainly this question can be over-asked, but not asking it at all can lead to an unexamined life. Not all aspects of our lives should be contemplated and open to examination. However some level of philosophical debate with ourselves is always healthy. Otherwise, if we continue on this road, without ever looking back at our footsteps, or looking forward towards our destination, how can we really know ourselves?

Perhaps it is in the moments when we stop and contemplate the meaning of our life that the greatest revelations become apparent to us. In these revelations we are then able to change our path for the better. However, if we follow a single way of living, we will never know what it is like to experience an entirely new perspective and an entirely new part of ourselves.

If we can see life from a different perspective in contemplation and we begin to realise the full potential that we have. We're then able to make more informed choices and have a greater understanding of what our present situation means for us. Those that completely reject contemplating their life are robbing themselves of self-actualisation and the ability to focus on a multidimensional view of who they are.

I think ultimately we should encourage both ourselves and others to look at life once in a while and to see what meaning it has for us. If we can do this from time to time, then life will be filled with greater depth and meaning. With a greater depth of meaning we are then able to live a more satisfied life.