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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

St John's Institution

Courtesy of a friend's invite, LKM, simplyRobin and I had the chance to photoshoot his ex-school, St John's Institution. Though it was not my school, but it does bring back certain memories of being a student. I would be darn grateful if I could do a shoot of my primary and secondary school back in Melaka.

The school yard. Pack with students even though it was a weekend.

One of the classrooms. Certainly gloomy on a weekend but filled with joy, frustration and definitely noise on weekdays.

The corridor.

Students back in school on the weekends. I could stand there for hours just watching them with their curriculum activities. How I wish I was back in school again and being free from all the stress and tension I have now.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids and cellphones

This new era has been filled with high-speed computers, game consoles, cell-phones and two-way messengers.

There are many arguments going around in getting cell phones for kids .If you ask kids themselves, the answer is going to be a definitive 'yes,' of course. But their reasoning can be a little shaky, including that:

1) Cell phones are cool.
Rustie's answer - Well, I can't deny its cool though. Sorry, can't answer this. I'm a techy myself :)

2) All of his/her friends already have cell phones.
Rustie's answer - If his/her friends wants good grades, will the your kid want it also? It's easy to manipulate kids. Haha

3) It will allow him/her to call when he/she is going to be late.
Rustie's answer - This is not a very very convincing point. Where the hell will your kid be until there is no public phone? or at a friend's place which even they don't have a phone? Sounds kinda ridiculous ain't it?

4) He/she can use it in an emergency.
Rustie's answer - Again, where will your kid be in the case of that emergency?
- Road accident? I'm sure there are people around.
- Secluded area? In the first place, what is your kid doing at secluded areas? Should you be even worried in the first place?
- Sudden attack at home or school? I'm sure the house or school has a phone.
- In the middle of the jungle? Come on, if you know the cell phones will have no reception, why bother.

If the above well-aged man can still use a public phone, that comes to the question - Do you think kids really 'need' a cell phone though? Feel free to agree or disagree.

The impact of cell phones on today's youth is astronomical. All the cool kids have a phone and know how to text faster than most can type on a full-size keyboard. Geez..

Long gone are the days of spending numerous hours of the day keeping yourself occupied with nature.


Monday, June 28, 2010


Chains do not hold a relationship together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.


Together as one

Need any further elaboration?



It is rewarding to see an elderly couple together. Are they still lovers as well as companions and friends? I believe all three relationships differ to some degree. In a relationship, I believe you need to be everything to last for a lifetime.

There are different types of friendships and they do not always involve doing things together. Companions usually serve a purpose to one another. And a lover isn’t always a companion. With a companion, you have someone to do things with, to go places with.

We all need human connection, regardless of what role we play. But a companion is someone you are comfortable with and share a mutual admiration and interests. It is two people whom, I believe, have one of the best relationships you can ask for. And companionship can be between any two types of personalities or people.

I look around and I think a lot of elderly people are looking for companionship in their later years. The sexual attraction is usually not an issue. They want a companion to do things with. They want to fill that void of loneliness. I don’t think there is anything sadder than loneliness.

Two is always better than one. And as they say, “One is the loneliest number,” and I find that to be true.

For my shot of the week...

Treasure your friends and the people you love around you.


Everyday Life

It was an overly crowded place, is where the phrase "street people" came to be known to me.

In a small town,a city where everyone came to roamed.There were people from virtually every walk of life.

As people continued to fill the streets and as the over-crowding and tension built, people are busy with preparations and opening for business.

While some are busy working, others....

There are few of us luckily enough not to have to work for a living. ( or should I say lazy? )

But rather than hanging around waiting for things to drop from the sky, something as simple as sweeping or cleaning up the trash doesn't require high technical skills and knowledge.

A break from a hectic day of work. Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face..

Or have a cup of tea.

What a city. Every day brings new curiosities and puzzlements.

Just walking around here is an experience in itself.


Streets of Pudu

Another weekend of street shooting with simplyRobin where we shot through the streets of Pudu. Yet again, I got to experience another community lifestyle.

Water droplets from a metal roof cladding.

Ripples in the air from the intense burning heat.

Droplets of water dripping on a chair.

The hook of death. Just kidding. They use it to hang pork or beef or whatever meat.

I just have a thing with dogs.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes Looks can be Deceiving

As saying goes by "You can't judge a book by its cover". But seriously, we can never really tell about a person from what you merely see on the outside. Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes people are judged by the way they look without thinking that finding a person with good heart is more important than finding a person with the right look.

Like everything in life, no one has it all. We all have our strengths and different weaknesses. We all are gifted, special and unique. It's up to us to appreciate what God has given to us. We don't need to be everything for everyone.

Besides there will ALWAYS be people who will take us for who we are and these are the PEOPLE who truly matter. As a rule of thumb says "TREAT EVERYONE AS HOW YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO TREAT YOU"


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hope begins in the dark, how stubborn hope is that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait, watch and work and you just don't give up.

Hope is the most exciting thing in life and if you honestly believe that it is out there, it will come. And even if it doesn't come straight away there is still that chance all through your life that it will.

Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Work to live or live to work?

People do not work hard to stay poor. They work hard with hopes to survive, and some, with hopes to achieve wealth.

Unfortunately, for the majority of the poor or lower class, they will never achieve wealth.

For the poor, opportunities are just as available. Unfortunately, the poor may not act, can not act or recognize these opportunities.

Choices made that make it harder for them to move up in class no matter how hard they work.

Most people that work, no matter what type of job it is, are proud of the fact that they work hard.

The reason, most usually a hope of some kind, that drives the will in every man to live.