The tools are immaterial, the resulting piece is what's most important.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


In writing this entry, I found myself reflecting on the word, differences.It is a pretty simple word, everyone knows what it means, but do we really think about, or reflect upon the word?

Without differences the world would be a pretty dull place. Imagine if you will, everyone looking the same, acting the same, never expressing a unique thought or idea. There would be no need for words such as debate, or choice. Everyone would live in the same kind of house, buy the same kind of car, eat the same kind of food. Differences is what makes the world go round.

Differences are what keep us interesting and interested. Changing our haircolor, our cars, and our lifestyles once in a while can revive a stagnant existence.

Finding out that people can be different in many ways, should not detract from the basic fact that people are very similar too. Every parent wants the best for their children, everyone needs to have food and water to survive, and everyone deserves respect. Fathers want to support their families, mothers want to take care of their families, regardless of their race, religion, or other differences. Everyone has feelings, emotions, and their own thoughts and feelings. In reality, everyone is different, and everyone is the same.

Even joss sticks comes in different sizes

Life should be viewed as a gift, a short period of time that we have on Earth. We should revel in life's differences, embrace variety as the spice of life, but never forget that although we may be different in many ways, we are all very much alike.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Far is It?

How far is it to actually consider that it is far?
To what extend is the meaning far in your context?
When do you feel far?
Do you really feel far when you said it is far?

Honestly, I have lost every answers to these questions.


Letting Go

I am at a deep well of loss,
peering over the circular brick wall, 

that holds something you can't stop staring at;
listening to the echo that the water droplets make as they let go.


Monday, July 26, 2010


There are millions of words and thousands of quotes but it only takes one to describe the following pictures below and there is not a need for me to further flood this entry. I'd strongly believe my shots have the brought out what I want to share.

Take the time to sit back and reflect.


Unprepared Model shooting weekend

Yes, it was an unexpected weekend. My photowalk somehow brought me to Berjaya Times Square. Consider myself lucky or unexpected, there was a model show going on. I have no idea what event it was but it was something to do with handbags I guess. What else, since I was there, might as well fire a few shots.

This is what I have.

And guess who else was at the event? Of course the host herself, Belinda C

Yea, that's about it. My first time shooting models on a runway. Totally not prepare and no flash gun but I have my 40-150mm with me. That is priceless.. Well, I am not into modelling photography so spare me the comments. But I guess this kid has some passion though...


Best time to walk

Shooters on the go
The 'best time' is rather opinion-based, and though there are probably statistical benefits to certain times of the day over others, I'd imagine most of them even out to about the same in the end.

Walking shoes!
Much like beauty, time for walking may very well lie in the eye of the beholder.

Different times of day pose different challenges to each walker, from the heat of midday to the lack of visibility by walking in the evening, there exists no perfect time for walking.

Busy unpacking

Smiling traders hoping for better business

Some are not that lucky

6 eyes + a camera-mobile phone ensures no details missed

However, as one who walks regularly every weekend, I have generally found the morning to be a personal favorite. Less mechanical stuffs and more humans.

Ground shot somewhere along Pudu Raya

A morning walk serves many advantages. It is frequently cool in the morning, making it far more convenient to walk.

Newspaper seller

Breaking ice

Back lane "Yong tau foo"
People are more fresh in starting the day, hence more actions rather than later in the day where everyone is dead tired and hibernating away from the sun.

So, is there a best time to walk? Possibly.

But the answer's going to change with each person you ask.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Too short

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,
So love the people who treat you right,
Forget about the ones who don't,
And believe that everything happens for a reason.

If you get a chance, take it..
If it changes your life, let it.

Nobody said life would be easy,
They just promised it would be worth living.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the edge

I'm hanging on the edge and not sure of what to do.
Your back is always to me with an arrow pierced through.

What once was a pure heart, that was so much in love with you,
and as I hang on the edge,
I wonder if it's true.

After years together, our love has reached its end.
Not only have I lost my love one,
but also my best friend.

As I stand here, on the edge and looking out across the sky,
that is fading and seems to end.

But in the mist and shades of grey,
I am still here, hanging on the edge.