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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love or Money

Another eternally debated question.

Personal feel, this is a question where either extreme of the answer is liable to be wrong. Without money, both will starve to death. Without love, the relationship is doomed to a failure. The answer, rather lies in one's opinion in one of the infinite shade of grey between either extreme, and totally depend on one priority.

On one hand, the man is usually the traditional breadwinner in an Asian Family. On the other, I firmly believe that every man wants his partner to see him for more than his wallet. Just like women who wants a man that can see past their breasts.

The bigger the wallet, or the breast, the harder it is to see past those trappings to the person behind.

That's why a man doesn't like it when the woman always talks about money. It demeans the man. Ladies, would you really like your guy to come up to you and say, hun, I love you, but you gotta get bigger breast. Right?

We all want a good life. Question is, how high is that on your list of priorities?

Question for the ladies, Love or money?
Question for the gents, Love or breast?

Maybe men and women aren't that different after all..

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