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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Knowing when to move on

There comes a point in many relationships where the path has ended. Meaning, the relationship is unfortunately going backwards or standing at a complete halt. It's better to remove yourself from relationships that have grown into this pattern but it's not easy moving on out of the relationship.

Of course there are signs when a relationship is going no where such as: failure to commit, cheating, verbal or physical abuse or lacking love. I often wonder how a relationship can evolve into either one of these examples and quiet frankly it's simple. Many relationships become a comfortable relationship or a terrible relationship. Comfortable meaning almost dull and boring. This doesn't mean the relationship is doomed although most tend to want to be in a rather upbeat busy relationship. Often this could lead to cheating or other relationship problems. When you find yourself in any relationship, it's good to make sure the two of you are on the same page in life. Having goals and values to share is important to have in any relationship before moving forward in life together.

Sharing goals and values are one of the most important aspects to any good relationship because it prevents future issues. Taking the time to make sure the two of you want the same things in life is always the better way to go before getting yourself involved in a relationship.

In almost all relationships there comes a time when you may feel the relationship is going no where. Most of the times this could be true although every once in a while we may be analyzing the situation far too much. Analyzing is a great way to determine what your relationship means to you and also how to repair issues in your relationship. Though there is a fine line between analyzing and searching for issues or problems.

The best rule of thumb I have found to go by, is when a relationship comes to a halt look deep inside yourself to analyze yourself. Perhaps you may be looking in to far as to what the inner issues may be although abuse is never a good thing. A relationship is over when you no longer feel the relationship evolving further for the two of you. Whether the hold up is with commitment or lack of love, moving on to open your heart for the right person is always better for you and your ex-partner.

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