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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another year of aging.

The anniversary of the day of birth is a day to be celebrated. When we are children, birthdays are an exciting occasion marking another year of aging. For an adult, the anticipation and excitement of an upcoming birthday often diminishes. It is true a birthday marks another year passed, another year older. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of aging we should be celebrating another year lived, another year experienced.

If we can look at a birthday as the mark of another year lived, we can celebrate our life as a birthday is truly meant to do. It is another year we have been able to breathe, watch a sunset, laugh at jokes, eat ice cream, hug our love ones, love our family, and smile at ourselves in the mirror. It is worth repeating; it is another year lived and that alone is a reason to appreciate our birthday.

Your birthday is about you, not anyone else, just you. How do you appreciate yourself and your birthday when you are not accustomed to it?

It may take a couple of birthdays to get the hang of it but when you learn to appreciate yourself and your existence, you will be able to appreciate your birthday fully.

I did enjoy mine. Thanks to the special people for making my existence a well worth one.

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