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Friday, April 30, 2010

Japan Trip - Day 1

Arrived in Japan about 7am early morning. No checking in to hotels, no rest and started touring. Below are only some of the pictures from the first day. More to come later.

Arrival at Changi Airport, Singapore for transit to Nagoya.

Sun rising while on the plane upon arriving at Nagoya Airport. Picture taken at about 5am.

Arrived at Nagoya Airport.

This is Japan. Ohaiyo gozaimas ~ !

First stop, the "ku-ku ciao" temple. Yea, you heard me, the "ku-ku ciao" temple aka The Penis Temple. It is the secret shine of Japan symbolizing to manhood. No wonder Japanese are so so h***ny.

A well, with pure drinking water.

Okay, since it's a kuku ciao temple, then where is "it" ? Here you go ~. *speechless.

Don't look like one? How about this ?

Na~ a bigger one if you don't get the picture.

Next up, lunch of course.

Shutter therapy after lunch around the area.

Next stop - Mino Washi no Sato Kaikan

Finally after a whole day of touring, it's time for dinner and the hotel.

The hotel surrounding.

The hotel room.

Yea~ I know it's very Japanese style. Ain't that the whole purpose of visting Japan?

And this is so cool~ ! LMAO !!

Random shot.

There you go, the end of Day 1.


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