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Monday, May 3, 2010

Japan Day 2 - Gero ~ Takayama ~ Gassho Village ~ Toyama

Starting day 2 of the Japan trip with breakfast at the hotel. A mixture of western and japanese cuisines.

Tour started at Takayama, an old castle town and was named little Kyoto since early times. A visit to the morning markets of Old Street Town will bring back one's childhood memories. The San Machi-Suji, once flourished by unique merchant houses with lattice windows along the merchant street, canals running under the eaves still retain the atmosphere of the Edo houses.


Next up, Takayama Jinya, the place where goverment proceeding of Hida were held during the Edo period and the only presently existing district governing post and magistrate's office in Japan.

Click to enlarge image for panorama view.

Lunch time at Noguchi - Ya, the tofu food specialty store.

Shutter theraphy after lunch.

Coming up in the next post, the world heritage for December 1995. Shirakawa Gassho Village.


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