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Monday, October 4, 2010

Life is a Struggle

They all say life is a party. What they don't tell you is that life will only be a party after a lot of struggle. From the moment we are born, the human life is filled with lots of struggles that must be overcome as we mature. We must learn to walk & talk, & believe me, these are struggles.

We struggle to learn how to ride a bike. We must then struggle our way through school in a quest to get good grades that will lead to a luxurious & enjoyable life.

Do the struggles end there? Don't bet on it! We must then work our socks off in a bid to earn the money that will improve our quality of life. That's not the end of it.

We must struggle ourselves through a couple of relationships before we find the right one. We must struggle to overcome the inevitable differences that occur in marriage(tying the knot).

We must struggle to ensure that we raise our kids in a socially acceptable manner. We must struggle with the notion of letting our teenage daughters go out on dates. We must struggle with the idea of letting our sons join the military. We must struggle with the pain of having to lose loved ones. We must struggle with the pain of ended friendships or relationships.

We struggle with the pain that accompanies most illnesses. We struggle to deal with the uncertainty that comes with losing a job or one's home. We struggle to remain morally upright in a society that has gone.

We struggle to hold on to our faith when others tell us that very faith is baseless. We struggle to make decisions that may be difficult to make, but must be made altogether.

We struggle to live up to the expectations of our families, friends & those closest to us. Certain times, we must struggle to obtain our rights and achieve our freedoms. We struggle to overcome various fears to which we are enslaved.

We struggle to learn foreign languages that we'll never really use! We struggle to maintain peace around us when there are so many in search of war.

Clearly, life is a struggle, but it is one that is definitely worth living out! without struggle, we would take too much for granted.


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