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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Genting Highland

Was at Genting for a 2 night free stay last weekend. Enjoy the shots.


Taken from First World Hotel.

A view of the Ria Apartment together with the Chin Swee Temple far beyond.

Chin Swee Temple taken at 14mm with my 14-42mm

A close up of the Chin Swee Temple using my 14-42mm.

The fountain at the park.

Taken from the 22nd floor of the First World Hotel.

Some random car park.

Sunset shot

A sunset shot taken with the Ria Apartment in the foreground. Picture taken at about 7pm.

Night shot

Chin Swee Temple

Photo taken from the pagoda. Can't remember taken from which floor.

One of the temple with the pagoda in sight on the background.

People Shots


Happy Valley Seafood

Seafood with bitter gourd soup.

Asam chili squid.

Lemon Chicken

Restaurant Good Friends

Chef's 4 beans.

Curry fish

Spicy toufu

Claypot chicken with rice wine.


Random Meals

Fried fish with belacan.

Curry mee. Looks more like curry Maggi mee.

Random Shots


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