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Friday, January 29, 2010

Simplicity at its best.

Food photography isn't always about fully decorated dishes with whole tones of sophisticated ingredients, multi-colored toppings or served in a "high class" feel. It's not always about how they present it, it's more about how you observe it. A simple dish seen from a different angle brings a new dimension to it. This is simplicity at its best :

A McDonalds meal.

A bowl of "chu yuk fan" (pork noodles).

A plate of "kueh teow goreng".

A plate of nasi lemak.

A plate of "Wan Tan Mee".

Restaurant Tien Kee Soup & Porridge

A bowl of Vinegar trotters.

A bowl of Yam rice.

A bowl of Century Egg porridge, Teow Chew style.

All these pictures may not be the "all star" shots beyond the viewfinder, but it shows how you'd make the best out of what you see.

Have you taken a moment to observe your meal from a different perspective ? I know I have.



robin said...

You had me at the first McD Fries. *slurp

RustieZ said...

Haha.. it's about time you have 1