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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chinese New Year, 2010

Was back in hometown for the new year celebration. Not much time for shootings so here are the few that I got.

Be it for Christmas or Chinese New Year, so long my grandparents are well and kicking, this is where we all gather as one family, my grandparents home.

This is the street which I used to walk and play during my young age.

Sunset on new years day.

What do we do there? Hanging out with uncles, aunties and cousins and of course eating. This is what we had. Yes, you might ask why is the food almost the same with the ones I had on Christmas. But who cares, we come back to be as a family, it's not all about the food.

What else do we do on every new year? Mahjong of cos. These shots were taken at my girlfriend's home.

That is her enjoying it. :)


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