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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Kopitiam, USJ Taipan

Had dinner Wednesday night at My Kopitiam. They serve similiar dishes as "Old Town White Coffee" or "Pappa Rich" but "My Kopitiam" ones are much better as well as the price. Met the friendly boss who is also interested in food photography.

Their Menu


Their cendol is not bad compared with the one in SS 15.

Bubble Ginseng with Sea coconut.This is not mine and I ain't drinking it. I'm not a big fan of drinks with roots (ginseng). But according to comments, it's thick and flavorful.

The Curry Mee/Mee Hoon/Hor Fun is superb. Thick and full of flavour. The only down part is they serve with strips of chicken not chunks of chickens. Oh ya, ask to add cockles(si ham) as well, you will get loads of it.

Spicy & Sour Mango. Made up of strips of raw/semi ripe mango with ikan bilis, onion, chilli, sesame seeds and of cause a special sweet sauce which I do not know what.

Muih chai kuih. Compared the ones I had in other places, very rubbery (like silicon). Their made is well soft on the inside and serve with chilli sauce.

Guess what, the above meal cost about RM20.60, that is with 2 bowls of curry mee.


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