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Monday, February 8, 2010

Duck King, Jaya One

Parents was down here in KL for the weekend. Had lunch at Duck King.Anyway here are some pictures.



King Tea (Cha wong). RM 4 per head x 5 people = RM20 per pot. Of course for unlimited refills.

Roasted 1/2 duck. I had better roasted duck than this.

Mun Toufu with Shimeji. Nothing special.

Siew Long Pao. Taste good only considering small in size.

Deep fried Eel with Chef's sauce. I would not recommend this dish. The eel is deep fried crispy and tasteless. It's like eating fish crackers.

Baby Kailan with oyster sauce. Nothing special.

All in all, in simple words: Good food, expensive price and bad service. Imagine serving food and forgetting to serve Chances of me returning there for another meal? Nah ~.. Price that I paid for that meal, RM 161.95...*pawned ! ~


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