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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It was dreadful, to think that the little time of rest you have to yourself, the little time to do your own things, have been stripped away from you, and you get NOTHING in return, but to selflessly give and give and give and give to the company. Will people even see what you have contributed? No, in their eyes, it is your obligation, it is your own effort which would perish, with no gratification or worth reinstated, whatsoever in the end.

Such is, the sadness of working life in a giant city.

Sometimes I do wonder how did I end up here.



Jason Goh said...

Same feeling here =(...plan to quit soon

Rustie said...

It's not always the other party's fault. Yes, it is our obligation when we work for people but you can't expect everyone to take note of you. It depends on how much you stand out, how much shit you have to take to stand out and how much luck you have. Welcome to the real world my friend.


Kelvin said...

Tats the harsh reality in companies...I will wanna be a farmer if i can. At least u reap wat u sow.

Rustie said...

Thanks Kelvin,
I totally second that. But being a boss of your own business can be pain in the butt sometimes but yea, at least u reap what you sow !


robin said...

Yeah, its all about giving to the company and not getting anything back in return.
Lets drown our sorrow in shutter therapy !!

Rustie said...

Robin, I have been to this therapy and it's called shutter therapy and I find it real relaxing. Good recommendation. HAHAHA