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Monday, August 16, 2010

Life goes by too fast

Ever wonder how you got "here"? Where did the last ten years of your life go? Does it all seem like a blur to you? One minute you're learning how to tie your shoe, the next minute you're on your way to prom, and then boom! You're getting married, you have a few children, you're living in a large big's just like that 80's song, isn't it?

Sometimes we are so focused on large, big goals such as having a family, owning a business, investing for more money, that we do forget to stop and smell the roses. How many times do you walk past your walkway into your house, ignoring nature that surrounds you? How many times do you fail to notice the cute little bird's nest in your tree, or the beautiful mango tree down the block that you've had for years?

We forget to take notice probably the majority of the time. We live in a society that is fast. Impatience is a quality we thrive on. When you live too fast, you pass by many things and you take it all for granted. For example, we all jump on the highway because we would like to get to point B quicker, not realizing taking the longer, more scenic route will be more relaxing, and will only take an extra ten to fifteen minutes of our time. We live on such a fast track, that when we actually do stop for a minute (or two), we are sometimes dumbfounded..."How did I get here" runs through your mind.

Every day is special. It could be the happiest day of your life, or your last. Knowing that, why not make your days count? We always rush to make others happy, may it be your boss, your mother or your spouse. But what about making yourself happy? Take the time to meet someone new and start a new friendship.

Take the time to adopt an animal that desperately needs your love and help.

Take the time to pamper yourself. You will not only feel physically better, but mentally better as well.

Take the time to tell people close to you, that you love them.

Take the time out for you, because we have one life to live and you don't want to miss out on it. After all, "life goes by too fast."



robin said...

Heh !! I recognize some of the photos !!

Rustie said...

Yea, some were from older entries.

Kelvin said...

I think i need a break...

Rustie said...

Yes Kelvin, life is going to fast for us to know what is actually going on. Take sometime off and look back on the things that we might have left out. Everyone needs a good break too. Even machines need to rest. Anything push to the limit..well, you get the idea.


Ken said...

The 2nd shot is cool!

Live life to the fullest, but don't take it too hard!

Rustie said...

Hi Ken, thanks for the comment. Yes, live life to the fullest and know what we are here for.