The tools are immaterial, the resulting piece is what's most important.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Days of Darkness

The roads spread out before them,
Some ending shortly,
Others going too far to tell,
They travel these roads alone,
Never knowing the love or friendship of a companion,
Their roads have mainly been dead-ends.
Some being short, allowing them to go back quickly.
Others they have walked for years,
finally finding there is nothing,
but darkness and pain at the ends.

Years later they finally emerge from the darkness,
heading back toward the main road,
less a part of themselves,
having lost it in the darkness.
The roads of life have many twists and turns,
just be careful to choose wisely, or eventually,
The darkness will swallow you entirely.

Day by day light lives,
Night by night darkness settles,
Year by year life goes on,
Life by life these people are forgotten.


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