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Monday, September 13, 2010

Life's Ups & Downs

I have to say that the ups & downs of life are with us always. And yes we do have to learn to deal with the ups and downs. "We always have to get up" one more time than we fall.
For some people life seems to go smother. Or maybe I should say that the people seem to sail right through life. I guess these people must have gone through the same kind of problems that the people who have walked through a land full of mines everyday.

Life's ups and downs are part of the process I like to call resonance. For many of us the aim is to always be up and to try and avoid the down. But we live in a dualistic reality so we will always have to be content with the downs because without them we would not be able to identify the ups.

It is often said that the measure of your joy can be determined by the measure of pain you had. The two are inseparable. You cannot want only the one and negate the other. We are trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. It would be better for us to realize that the downs are going to happen and then to be psychologically prepared to deal with it when it does. Now how is the best way to deal with it?

Embrace reality and all that is. Appreciate the darkness for its ability to make the light stand out. Appreciate the sinners for without them the saints become obsolete. You can compare it to the goodness in the wheat of whole-wheat bread. Appreciate the crunchy parts because they make you stronger and they also make the soft parts so much more enjoyable.

Open yourself to life and you will find it an adventure to be enjoyed with many wonderful surprises along the way. When you stumble and fall? Well just remember, "This too shall pass." and once the dust clears get your chin up and put the smile back on because in the end we are going to have wonderful stories to tell.



robin said...

Ooooohhh I like the photo of the chicken trying to fly away. The dynamics is just great there.
Yeah... life has its ups and downs... we just have to beat it before it beats the crap out of us ahahaha

Rustie said...

Thanks! We just have to be quick and alert with what is around us. That is how you beat life. Be quick and grab the good stuffs before the shit hits you