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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is it Enough?

What is "enough?" The word can be defined as having a sufficient or adequate amount of something which is necessary. Although this is an extremely vague definition, the imprecision is due to the wide range of personal definitions of what is necessary in life, and what is a sufficient amount of whatever that unknown thing may be.

For me, enough is having faith in myself. I am my own best friend. When other people let me down, as people often do, I fall back on the person who knows me best for comfort, advice, and support: me.

The satisfaction of having enough comes from not focusing on the definition of the word, not wondering what I could have more of, or less of, but being content with how much I do have, even within myself, and recognizing that the strength I have to persevere.

If I have enough to go on, I have more than enough.


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