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Monday, September 13, 2010

Contemplating the purpose of life.

Many people do not spend every day contemplating their life. They just go through their entire life without giving it much thought. So, why do some people spend more time thinking about the meaning of their life, while others are satisfied with just living as things are?

If we look at the question closely, we could determine that the more someone contemplates his or her life, the more they are seeking to get out of it, or seeking to change it. If we are engaging with our life, then there is little need to contemplate it. However, when we do, we're asking ourselves the question "is this the best I can be?"

Certainly this question can be over-asked, but not asking it at all can lead to an unexamined life. Not all aspects of our lives should be contemplated and open to examination. However some level of philosophical debate with ourselves is always healthy. Otherwise, if we continue on this road, without ever looking back at our footsteps, or looking forward towards our destination, how can we really know ourselves?

Perhaps it is in the moments when we stop and contemplate the meaning of our life that the greatest revelations become apparent to us. In these revelations we are then able to change our path for the better. However, if we follow a single way of living, we will never know what it is like to experience an entirely new perspective and an entirely new part of ourselves.

If we can see life from a different perspective in contemplation and we begin to realise the full potential that we have. We're then able to make more informed choices and have a greater understanding of what our present situation means for us. Those that completely reject contemplating their life are robbing themselves of self-actualisation and the ability to focus on a multidimensional view of who they are.

I think ultimately we should encourage both ourselves and others to look at life once in a while and to see what meaning it has for us. If we can do this from time to time, then life will be filled with greater depth and meaning. With a greater depth of meaning we are then able to live a more satisfied life.


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