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Monday, June 28, 2010

Streets of Pudu

Another weekend of street shooting with simplyRobin where we shot through the streets of Pudu. Yet again, I got to experience another community lifestyle.

Water droplets from a metal roof cladding.

Ripples in the air from the intense burning heat.

Droplets of water dripping on a chair.

The hook of death. Just kidding. They use it to hang pork or beef or whatever meat.

I just have a thing with dogs.



robin said...

hey rustie,
Looks like you have got a hang of this thing called street photography mate !! Awesome job. I seldom say this, and it is true, I am enjoying looking at your photos !!

Rustie said...'re making me blush..HAHA..Good photos comes with meaning. Everyday there is a new thing to learn. Thanks mate !