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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids and cellphones

This new era has been filled with high-speed computers, game consoles, cell-phones and two-way messengers.

There are many arguments going around in getting cell phones for kids .If you ask kids themselves, the answer is going to be a definitive 'yes,' of course. But their reasoning can be a little shaky, including that:

1) Cell phones are cool.
Rustie's answer - Well, I can't deny its cool though. Sorry, can't answer this. I'm a techy myself :)

2) All of his/her friends already have cell phones.
Rustie's answer - If his/her friends wants good grades, will the your kid want it also? It's easy to manipulate kids. Haha

3) It will allow him/her to call when he/she is going to be late.
Rustie's answer - This is not a very very convincing point. Where the hell will your kid be until there is no public phone? or at a friend's place which even they don't have a phone? Sounds kinda ridiculous ain't it?

4) He/she can use it in an emergency.
Rustie's answer - Again, where will your kid be in the case of that emergency?
- Road accident? I'm sure there are people around.
- Secluded area? In the first place, what is your kid doing at secluded areas? Should you be even worried in the first place?
- Sudden attack at home or school? I'm sure the house or school has a phone.
- In the middle of the jungle? Come on, if you know the cell phones will have no reception, why bother.

If the above well-aged man can still use a public phone, that comes to the question - Do you think kids really 'need' a cell phone though? Feel free to agree or disagree.

The impact of cell phones on today's youth is astronomical. All the cool kids have a phone and know how to text faster than most can type on a full-size keyboard. Geez..

Long gone are the days of spending numerous hours of the day keeping yourself occupied with nature.



Jackie said...

Kids do need cell phones. We're living in a technology age. I got my kids cell phones once they entered middle school. It's more of a safety tool than anything else. However, I didn't get them a contrat plan. I bought them prepaid cell phones. With TracFone, they have unlimited talk text and web. They pay me $15 a month from their allowance and I pay the rest ($30). It teaches them about responsibility and it gives me peace of mind knowing they cant contact me in case of anything.

Rustie said...

Hi Jackie,
Thanks !
Good point you have. However I did not mentioned a certain age that kids can or cannot have a cellphone. Depending on parents individual preferences. As I said, feel free to agree or disagree.