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Monday, June 21, 2010

Out of Town

We have been growing along side vast soaring high sky scrapers, railway tracks, highway fly-overs flying about each other, fast food joints spawning like mushrooms across towns and people with big bikes almost the size of a hawker stall.

How often do we get to see people hanging around public phones?

Then is when we come to realize that the place we are living in, is moving towards a visionable future. Have we ever wondered, while some places are moving foward, what about the rest?

A day of street photography brought me to places that would somewhow bring us back memories of our childhoods.

You can still find people selling foods like this.

Broken and abandoned.

Stripped to almost nothing.

New interior design?

The normal out-of-town dump site.

People may look at this as some junk but some others like's art !

A little girl waiting for her mom.

Sometimes boredom drives someone to express themselves with weird expressions.

And my favorite of the day.

Nothing beats walking side by side with a close one.



Robin said...

I realllllly like the last photo !!!

It holds so much meaning in that frame. It is true, having someone close to you, and walking side by side with that someone, nothing beats that. I agree totally.

RustieZac said...

Hey..Thanks !..Yea, it does bring a lot of meaning even though they are just cats. We humans, I would say definitely understand more than that.