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Monday, June 28, 2010

Everyday Life

It was an overly crowded place, is where the phrase "street people" came to be known to me.

In a small town,a city where everyone came to roamed.There were people from virtually every walk of life.

As people continued to fill the streets and as the over-crowding and tension built, people are busy with preparations and opening for business.

While some are busy working, others....

There are few of us luckily enough not to have to work for a living. ( or should I say lazy? )

But rather than hanging around waiting for things to drop from the sky, something as simple as sweeping or cleaning up the trash doesn't require high technical skills and knowledge.

A break from a hectic day of work. Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face..

Or have a cup of tea.

What a city. Every day brings new curiosities and puzzlements.

Just walking around here is an experience in itself.



robin said...

I see that you have enjoyed the 40-150mm mk1 tremendously !! Now you understand why I bought that lens immediately (less than one month) after I got my Olympus DSLR, and why the lens was on my camera body more than 80% of the time !! ahahah it is such a joy to use this lens.

Rustie said...

Yo!, 40-150 rocks..I hope I don't come to a point where I need a 70-300. Haha.