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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Streets.

First of all, I would like to thank a fellow friend of mine and who is also a photographer. He who brought me on a street photography has opened my eyes to what the streets are like. Be it from living lifestyles, people nor buildings, have you ever wondered what it is like living on the streets?

Of course, never start a day with an empty stomach. BUT..

Imagine having a meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner or celebrating a special occasion,

underneath a bridge on the cold dirt.

Just trying to find a single meal is what thousands of people, who live on the street, go through each day.

But we don’t need numbers to tell us that there are a lot of homeless people out there.

We see them on the streets while we’re driving, we see them when we’re walking downtown.

But do we really see them? If we really saw them, we’d be doing more for them. If we really saw how much pain and the struggle they go through, we wouldn’t be able to maintain our indifference.

Street life is difficult, and while there are people helping the homeless, many others simply look away and pretend that they don’t exist.

Some people don’t like giving money to the homeless because they’re afraid that they’ll spend that money on drugs and alcohol. While it is true that a number of homeless people struggle with addiction, which is a way to deal with the harshness of life on the streets, there are other things they need besides money. Every day is a fight for survival.

Street life is hard. So much harder than we can imagine unless we’re actually there. Survival is key. There are people who are helping, but there are just as many who don’t care about at all.

We take for granted so many things.. some of you who take the time to read this might think it’s stupid.. because is unimportant for you or something like this would never happen to you, or your family.

It just puts a pound to my heart even seeing folks still walking the streets.

Shouldn't they be at home enjoying before they "leave"?

But I’m so aware that life can just pick us up and throw us to many wanted or unwanted things.. and we won’t even notice.

Others will think it’s true, anything is possible and we are not whom to judge.

Tomorrow this person could be one of us..



Anonymous said...

I do hope you enjoy the session !! So when are you getting 40-150mm? ahhaha

robin said...

OOps that was me, dunno why blogger account was not functioning just now.

RustieZac said...

Yea i did. getting it soon within this week. hopefully will be able to use it by this weekend.