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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Food Hunt.

Yes, I am back from my holiday trip and it is time to continue my food hunting here.
Food hunting doesn't mean it has to be about fancy foods. It can be something simple, something cheap and most importantly, taste good !

A simple bowl of curry mee. Cheap and taste good.

A plate of char kueh teow. Cheap and taste good also.

Imagine having a bowl or a plate of your favourite meal after a hard day of work or when you feel like bashing your head against the wall just because
piles of work are stacking up while your stomach is starving for a meal.
You have to admit, good food is easily satisfying and it definitely has its own way to get into you.

A simple lunch before heading to the bridal house.

The above was taken during lunch on a busy weekend.

No, I'm not getting married......yet. My gf's sister, yes she's the one getting married. She's is in town to try out some outfits.
Till then, so long my taste buds are alive and working, I shall continue venturing around looking for anything that taste's good.


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