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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Town Kopitiam, Aman Suria

Was at Old Town Kopitiam, Aman Suria dinner with the street "sifu" of photography and someone that I follow for composition, Robin. We had a lot of detail talk and he made me understand a lot in composing a photo. Thanks to him, now I hope I can get better composition at a faster speed.



robin said...

Wei I am not sifu la !! ahahaha... just another guy with a camera thats all.

I like the curry noodles shot, not because I ate it LOL, but the red colour really pops out very outstandingly.

We must go food hunting again !!

RustieZac said...

Haha..ok ok not sifu, a well experience guy with a camera. Sure, next round food hunting on me !