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Monday, May 10, 2010

Japan Day 4 con't

We head into Shinjuku for dinner. Shinjuku is a town in Tokyo and also known for its red light district.

The main streets.

HDR over the main street.

Sunset over Shinjuku.

As we walk to the dinner place.

As we walked deeper in ~

Even deeper in ~ ~

Guess what? Ha Ha. No, I did not take a detour. This was sighted along the long. Apparently left and right were full of these shops.

After dinner, back at the Tokyo Dome hotel. Shot from above the hotel room.

I had to try their famous ramen.

After the ramen supper, what else can you do in a city like Tokyo? Of course, drinking at a local pub.

Yea, I admit I have a little hang over the next day but no biggy.

Next post day 5, the morning starts at Harajuku, Takeshita Dori then to Venus Fort and Toyota Showcase.


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