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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Japan Day 3 - Tateyama ~ Kuroba Alphine Route

The 3rd day on tour starts with breakfast at the hotel. Another buffet with a mixture of western and japanese cuisines. Of course, with so many Japanese meals most of the day, it's time for some western.

This is what you get when you are really hungry and craving for western. A mountain of food.

Clear streets in the town of Toyama early in the morning at 8am. Shots taken just outside the hotel.

This is what Japan looks like on the outskirts of town. Whenever you look left and right, this is what you'll see.

Finally, the destination, the 90 km Tateyama - Kurobe Alphine route. Begin the tour ( as high as 3000m ) by buses, trains, funicular and cable car.

Journey along the road up the alphine. Walls of ice built up by the roadside as we ride up the alphine.

The higher up the alphine we go, the higher the ice wall stacks up. This is how high the ice walls up above.

The view up above was just...*speecless*. Couldn't stop clicking away on my camera.

Click to view panorama.

This is no snow. This is ice.

What can you do with ice then?

Or this?

Break for lunch.

After lunch, a 1 km walk across the Kurobe Dam, coming up in the next post.

Oh, before that...a 500ml Coca - Cola. Something you don't often find in Malaysia.


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