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Monday, May 31, 2010

Why Live Simple?

How are you living? Do you have more stuff than you need? Are you spending more money than you are supposed to?

It is funny how to one generation to the next the standards of living are getting higher and higher.

What our grandparents would consider luxury, we consider as a basic need. I believe that is why we have so much ungratefulness going around. Everybody feels deprived!

Most of what we consider needs are actually are just wants.

Living simple helps us to be sober. We need learn to control our desires and live only what we actually need. In doing so, we are able to enjoy life more.

The less time we spend pursuing stuffs, the more time we have to slow down and experience life. Living simple, simple means getting our priorities right. We give priority to what is really important, like friends, family and God and not stuffs. Stuffs are just means for us to love better and not as an ultimate goal itself.

To be caught up in this materialistic culture is to be caught up in a life of shallowness and emptiness. You can never fill your heart with stuffs, only love can fill it.

We also want to live simple so others may live. Living simple gives us an opportunity to give more to those who are in need. Our lives become bigger than we are. We are stewards of what we have and not owners. God created it and owns it. We have an obligation to share to others what we have after our needs are met.

Why live simple?

Because you really want to live.


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