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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haeun Khon Korean Food, AmCorp Mall

Last weekend's delicacy tasting took me around a 360 degree turn when I had korean food for lunch. Never had I thought of trying korean food ever (always a japanese fan). But a visit to Haeun Khon Korean Food @ AmCorp Mall, made me took back my words. Here are some tasty mouth-watering photos to share.

Their Menu

Random shots.



robin said...

Oooooo I like the photo where you poked open the fish with the chopsticks !! Very inviting !!!

RustieZac said...'s something I learned from shooting food. U gotta interact with it to bring out the yummy-ness. Shooting it plain will just be a normal photo.

Jobless Girl said...

Woh, look delicious. I'm going to try this weekend then.