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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Japan Day 5 cont'

Up next, a visit to Venus Fort and Toyota Showcase. Venus Fort, a "theme park for ladies" located in Paletter Town, which has over 140 shops with the interior design that takes over a European City in the 18th century.

No, I did not step in that place. Shopping doesn't interest me. What interest me more, the Toyota Showcase. See all their latest models on display here and to understand their new technology showcased in the hybrid and racing cars.

This little cute car has the look of a MyVi but it is a Toyota Passo. Wondered who copied who? I'll leave that to you.

The Showroom.

Dinner. Japanese BBQ. Told ya it's my favourite.

The grill.

Warning, before you comment anything on food, let me state that all food shots were taken in raw uncooked form. No cooked shots were taken as I was busy eating.

Oh yes ! Kobe beef. The meat simply melts in your mouth. Why is the meat so tender and juicy? Here is why. The cows have massages, music to listen, air condition to sleep with and high grade food to eat. They even drink beer. Simple words, high class cows. What great life they have. So, you can assume for people who live the same lifestlye as that, you can bet their meat will be darn "juicy" too.

The eating frenzy begins.

What's all that was left after the frenzy. A charred grill.

With that dinner, I here conclude the end of my holiday trip to Japan. It was a pleasant holiday and definitely a good getaway from a hard days of work.


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