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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Passing Time

Time does not pass. Mankind passes through time, and as he passes he reflects on the marks, clues and tracks of those who passed before him. Reflections of mankind passing through time are just the reflections of time upon mankind.

If only we are able to pause time.

We often seek to find time, with the mistaken view that we can delay its progress long enough for us to accomplish some "important" act and yet we have never been able to find it. In other instances we speak of wasting time and/or losing time. Time can neither be wasted nor lost. What we waste or lose are opportunities to garner precious trinkets from the treasure house of time.

People are always in time, for one can never truly run out of time. Mankind is a prisoner of time.

On reflection, it is mankind that passes time; indeed no man can wait for time. Yesterday is simply that part of the passage way we have already traveled [and you can not get it back]; tomorrow is that point in time we are hoping to reach but can never attain.

Today is the only opportunity we have to make our mark or leave our footprint in the pathway of time!


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