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Monday, July 5, 2010

A True Friend

People, being human, love to be with other people, they need them, they want to belong and to be liked, to be part of a mutually giving group of friends. But just being in such a group does not necessarily mean that each and every other member can be called a true friend.

The answer as to what is the definition of a friend has many more component parts and requires a far deeper connection than just being part of the gang. You may share common interests, lifestyles and much more, but if it goes no further than that, is it a friendship or a friendly acquaintanceship you share?

Throughout life, we will all meet people that we immediately like, trust and share much in common with. There is an old wisdom that suggests the numbers of such people can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Look at those people you know and call friends, and after asking yourself whether these elements are present in your relationship, decide just who your real friends are.

When life changes happen, the real friend will not abandon you, nor will you abandon them - you stay in touch no matter what. The loving bond between a good friend and you is not easily broken, despite circumstances or different viewpoints - It is strong.


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