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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

People around Us

There is something unique, different in all of us, that make the people in our lives that extra special. When you look at the people in your life you know that you are blessed.

People in our lives, are very important to us in each and every way. We have people in our lives that are special to us in different ways, they share a special interest to us. We can love people in other ways, whether it be in friendship, be in love, be in caring.

A weekend stroll at KLCC park made me realize that there are more to it than what lies beyond the viewfinder.

Brotherhood or sisterhood? Whatever it is, it is family.

Best friends or couple? No matter which it is, companionship sums it all.

Eventually, either one will have to let go.

A little girl enjoying herself near the fountains.

Do not be grumpy.

Always remember to smile. That will put a smile on others too.

Shooting skill 1 : I just love shooting people who shoots other things.

Shooting skill 2.

Shooting skill 3 : My favourite. Professionalism even without a proper camera.

No matter what, we know that people in our lives come in for a reason.

There are some that are in our lives for a while, some that are for a brief time, some that touch our hearts. For the people in our lives reflect of on who we are, they make us feel special, make us feel good.

Oh yea, and there is nothing better than basking under the morning sun.


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