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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking that walk

Walking can help all sorts of inspiration. It depends on what type of inspiration you're looking and if walking is required for this inspiration.

Inspiration for all sorts of subjects can be found by walking.

I walk when I can, when I need to find inspiration, it beats being couped up in a house or a room. Being couped up for awhile can definitely drive people insane.

If you live in the city, take a good walk around the city. In a sense, taking a good look around at the different places and different people might fuel your inspiration if it's a goal of a large-scale magnitude.

Walking hand in hand

Chitty chitty chit chat
If you like taking pictures, take a good walk. Bring a camera with you. Take pictures of the different places, locations, people and so forth.

Old uncle crossing the road

Take pictures of everyday life. A picture says a thousand words. But a whole bunch of pictures can say much more than just one thousand words.

Taking pictures while walking is a good source of exploration and inspiration.

Regardless of what inspiration you're looking for, the best way is by walking.

There are so many things you can see by walking whereas aren't present by driving around.


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