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Monday, July 5, 2010

People in our lives

Whether we as individuals realize it or not, who we become as individuals is largely influenced by the people in our lives. People we have come into contact with, however brief or not, can certainly shape us as human beings.

Other people can have such a huge impact on us, creating us, shaping us and always changing us.

None of us want to think about the "bad" people we've come into contact with, or worse yet, have influenced our lives in some sort of way.

Yet, we have to take into consideration that even those bad things or bad people had to have shaped our lives in some sort of a way.

We as individuals may have learned from those bad experiences and made something good out of them.

We should all extend a grateful hand out to those who have shaped us. Both for the bad as well as the good. After all, it is us, as individuals who have to draw from both the bad and good to sort it out and learn from both.

It is us that can forgive the bad, learning from it and not mimicking it. We can grasp the good and use it as a foundation to build on. It is up to us to separate and sort out what we need in order to be better ourselves.

Be grateful to these people in our lives.



Robin said...

The fourth photo is my favourite !!! That photo has character !!

Rustie said...

Thanks ! I do love that photo. The beggar rasta-man feeling. LOL