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Monday, July 5, 2010

To the streets again

Yes, last weekend I was back on the streets again. A walk from Masjid Jamek passed Dang Wangi and right to KLCC was awesome. Despite the tired walking, the photos were not to be left out.

Working off on the back of a lorry.

Munching away with junk food in his hand and tones more in front of him..

Serious burger-man. Wonder if it's good ?

This lady has been waiting for a cab for almost 15 minutes. I was shooting across the street and till I crossed over, she was still waiting, flagging down almost 3 cabs passing by. That defines the'll get the point.

Hmmm..very talented indeed.

The more ruling on graffiti, the more people treat it like a crime. Without said, we do have many talented artistic people. Why not setup a place or a street where these people can share their work of art therefore less scribbling on random places and in addition we can have a "art street" ?

Don't you just love these places?

Nothing particular in this photo, probably the composition.

Man with a heavy plastic bag. Poor him.

KL Tower or KLCC ? Take your pick. In my case, KLCC !

Why do they need so many "No parking" sign. Some people just don't understand or blind?

How do you get a cat to pose so nice for you? Answer - Shoot fast !!

I would say this is a different kind of photowalk experience compared to the ones I normally have. Walking from the streets right into the big city.



Robin said...

I love the shoes hanging by the window. It captuers the "kampung" local feeling. Very natural.
Owh cat attacks !! ahahaha... the last cat seems like it was going to pounce on you !!

Rustie said...

Thanks Robin. Btw, the last cat wasn't about to pounce, it just wants a good rub ! LOL